Rendang Uni Tutie

UniTutie produces a worldly known authentic Indonesian cuisine, Rendang.

Rendang is an origin food of West Sumatera winning the highest rank of the most delicious cuisine in the world by CNN in 2017.

In addition, there also three other rendang variants such as lung cattle, jengkol, red beans and are developing the product meat crispy balado and fried rice seasoning.

To bring about the particular Bukittinggi taste of rendang, we use local raw material and Indonesian ingredients that are proven anti-oxidants, commonly used for herbal drink and health supplement.

The cooking process is done thoroughly, all ingredients are stirred slowly with love and care in very low fame until they are well absorbed and the coconut oil becomes sticky.

Such cooking process makes UniTutie rendang can bbe enjoyed after 3-4 months, even room temperature. It could stay without preservative material more than a year in frozen with no change in its taste and shape.

As the most delicious food of the world and loved in many countries, we are ready to develop our local market and penetrate international business.

Pameran / Exhibitions:

  • International Islamic Festival 2016
  • Festival Jambi 2016
  • Depok Expo 2016
  • Display @ ITPC Osaka, ITPC Jeddah, ITPC Dubai
  • Festival Kuliner Jogja 2017
  • Fetival Indonesia 2017, Moscow
  • Pangan Nusa – TEI, 2017